Animal Communication


Every living creature has a story to tell, if we will only listen!

I am so thankful for my natural intuitive ability and my formal training in Animal Communication. There is so much more to all of nature than we are aware of and I have learned so much in my communications with not only cats and dogs but also birds, fish, ants, deer and even my plants. As a professional animal communicator, I connect telepathically with your pet to get information from them that they would like to share, to get answers to questions that you may wish to ask them and to help find missing or lost animals. While animals see things differently than humans we can work together to break any language barriers that exist. Because I want this experience to benefit both you and your pet, I charge a set price and offer up to 3 follow-up communications on the same topic if there are lingering questions. When working with a missing animal case I will maintain contact as long as necessary to do everything possible to bring your pet home to you. 

What can Animal Communication do for me?

Getting information from your pet can help to make your relationship the best that it can possibly be. Some of the possibilities include (but are not limited to): helping with Obedience Training or specific training issues;  learning of your pet's likes/dislikes; to determine the reason for unwanted behavior; to find out if they are happy or sad; to understand any emotional issues such as fear, aggression, anxiety; to find out if your pet is ready to pass on. We can communicate with a pet who has passed on, even if the passing occurred years ago. 

Finding Missing Animals

Finding missing animals is one of the most skilled and highly focused functions of an animal communicator. While I cannot promise to locate your pet, I will use a variety of tools (mapping, remote viewing, communication, and reiki) to help you find your pet. My fee includes consultation about your pet, communication with the pet and follow-up to discuss the information received. I will work with you until you find your missing pet or decide to end the search. I will need you to commit to pay regardless of the outcome as my charge is for the work done on my part to help locate your pet. Please send an email to verifying that you are willing to pay for this service and I will contact you for more information.