Color Therapy/Chakra Balancing


What is Color Therapy?

Color Therapy is classified as a vibrational healing modality dating back thousands of years to ancient Egypt, India and China. Color is simply a form of visible light of electromagnetic energy. It is a truly non-invasive therapy that has no side-effects and is perfectly safe for humans and animals. Scientists who have studied color and light recognize that colors bring about emotional reactions in individuals. All of the primary colors reflected in the rainbow carry their own unique healing properties. Our reactions and attitudes to color differ from person to person. Our attraction or aversion to certain colors may indicate areas of imbalance. Understanding why colors affect us, the way they do, can help us on our own personal healing journey. Each color vibrates at it's own speed/frequency. Color therapy provides healing energies of specific frequencies which replenish and repair altered frequencies within the body. 

How does Color Therapy work?

Humans and animals have 7 major chakras in the body. The chakras are part of the body's energy system and each operate at a different frequency or color. Each chakra corresponds to a different system of the body. These centers need to move smoothly (or spin at a consistent rate) in order to function at their optimum level. A state of well-being is achieved by a balance of the energy flow of all of the chakras. Our Chakras can become sluggish due to many factors.  Color therapy can help re-balance these energy centers by applying the appropriate color to the affected area. 

How can Color Therapy help me?

A color session will identify areas in the body where the energy may be blocked or sluggish. Using color, these energetic blockages can be freed, leading to a more natural or free-flowing state. Noting strong color preferences can be helpful in finding possible problem areas, Working with the appropriate color can be beneficial in dispelling negative energies, thus resulting in better emotional, physical, and/or spiritual health. This modality should never be used to replace traditional medical care. 

What should I expect with a color session?

The Color Therapist/Practitioner uses a variety of methods to determine areas in the energy body where there are blockages and, after locating these areas will determine the best methods for releasing the blockage. In all of the methods offered you will be shown how to do your own healing work. Tools that can be used include but are not limited to: gemstones, candles/colored lamps, colored fabric, color baths, colored eye lenses or lasers.