Psychic and Tarot Readings


Energy and Tarot Readings are Magical!

General Readings

I love general readings as there is so much energy to be read and interpreted. A general reading is like holding a mirror up to your life, reflecting the true you. A general reading can reveal information about so many areas including (but not limited to): discovering your hidden talents, revealing your own true nature, finding deeper meaning and purpose to your life, determining your life purpose, showing you how to make the most of your time, a guide map to help navigate this wonderful life journey. We can also look at the energy surrounding your Career and Money Issues and release energy blockages attached to both. The questions that can be asked and the information received is virtually unlimited. 

Relationship Readings

As our energy bodies come together in a relationship, it can sometimes be difficult to mesh. My work with relationships delves deep into the energetic body of each partner. I search for compatibilities and locate distinct differences that must be addressed in the physical world for the relationship to be as solid as possible. 

Speaking to the Dead and Past-Life Readings

This is an area of very intense energy. Many of those who have moved on from this life still have karma and emotional baggage to the earth and her inhabitants. Many who have passed on have messages that they want to share with someone specific. I work with the client to find answers that they are searching for from family and friends (and animals) who have crossed over to the other side. We all carry energies from our past lives into this current life experience. Knowing what Karma we have with past experiences can help us navigate this life with greater clarity. 

House/Business Clearings

Ah! My Favorite: Everything is energy and energy is everything! Positive energy is lighter and vibrates at a faster rate than negative energy which is denser and vibrates more slowly. We leave energy imprints with every thought and action. Our homes and work spaces are full of not only our energy, but the energy of those who share our space and those who have been there before us. These energies can be uplifting or they can weigh us down and make us feel less than our perfect self. It is very important to clear the energies of our homes and work spaces on a regular basis, to assure that we are functioning at our highest possible level, and to bring light and purity into our space. I look at the energies of both homes and businesses and I offer clearings for both. I work with businesses on a very in-depth level to open up the energies to help bring in much greater financial success. (This reading and clearing can be done remotely)

Tarot Readings

The tarot is simply magical. I look to and share with you, the story in the cards. Each card has a specific energy or meaning. It can reveal details about your life, relationships, career, family, and anything that you may be missing or overlooking. The Tarot can show you what your future will hold if you continue on the path that you are currently on. Some of the many wonderful attributes of the Tarot are finding hidden strengths/talents or areas for improvement; put you in touch with your angels, guides, higher self or your Creator; reflect your life path or show how you can improve your personal relationships. The tarot can shed light on any concern that you may have.