Energy Readings (AKA Psychic Readings)

An Energy Reading will guide you on a journey of self-discovery and assist you in creating the life that you love.

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Tarot Readings

Through the beauty of the cards you can access your inner wisdom. The cards can put you in touch with your higher self and help you find your true purpose in this life experience. It is like holding up a mirror to reflect the "true you"!

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Animal Communication and Finding Missing Animals

Does your pet exhibit unwanted behaviors? Do you look in her eyes and wonder what it is that she is trying to say? Have you ever wanted to communicate with a pet who has crossed over the rainbow bridge? Is your furr-baby missing? I can help!

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Intention Jewelry

Use the beauty of jewelry to help you manifest your true desires. By combining color, astrological data, moon magic and a few other magical ingredients , I create individual pieces that are designed just for you and to help you bring that which you most desire into your life!

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Memorial Jewelry

It is so difficult losing a pet that we love. It is comforting to be able to keep them close to our hearts. Luminesque creates custom glass jewelry and memorials to honor our precious furr-babies. Each piece is as unique as the furry best friend that we are honoring and can include ashes or a lock of hair. 

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Chakra Cleansing/Balancing and Color Therapy

Each of the 7 major Chakras is associated with a body system. When the Chakra is blocked or sluggish, it can cause physical ailments in that body part/area. Get a Chakra Scan to determine how your Chakras are functioning and learn ways to keep them moving smoothly. 

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