Meet Chiku

Meet Chiku. Chiku is an Alexandrine Parrot. He is from Kashmir, India. I learned that he had gotten loose on May 11th. I did a communication session with him and told his human where to look for him. Thanks to the efforts of his human, Chiku was found safe, but weak, on May 14th. I have had several successes finding missing dogs and cats but this is my first bird. They are much harder to locate and move more quickly than dogs/cats .---Angelia

Testamonials from Satisfied Clients:

"Angelia helped me when many, many others could not.  Her voice was soothing and gentle. She worked with me to release some stuck energy that was causing physical pain for over 14 years.  She was able to tell me how to fix my challenges and how to tackle the life lessons I am working on.  Dead on and accurate in many aspects. Amazing, Amazing is all I can say. Her real name should be Angel." 

Bonnie M.

 Today I had the pleasure of having a reading done via telephone from Angelia Shull. Angelia was the perfect mix of professionalism, kindness, and intuitiveness. I felt that she was able to connect with my energy and really give valid insight that applied to me. Any time I asked a question I felt that her answer was well "felt"out rather than well thought out-- which is a wonderful thing in my opinion! I would and actually already have recommended her to others and feel that she has a lovely future career in this! ----Lindsay J.


Good Morning Angelia!

I want to thank you again for the reading last night. Truly incredible! You have an amazing gift! I will be honest, I was excited before speaking with you but didn't know what to expect as you were looking for "practice." I was blown away with how dead on you were! With everything. The aspects of my personality, my energy, my aunt coming through. I know you are looking for an evaluation and you're probably wanting some kind of constructive criticism but honestly, you're amazing and there is nothing negative I can possibly say. You were very clear, and I appreciated how you would give messages as you received them, even when they weren't making sense for you personally.  ----Alyssa

 The 30 mins I had with you answered so many of the questions running through my head and at the same time created a few more that u answered as well.  It was my first time and didn't know what to expect.  However, I really found it quite interesting how there were things that were mentioned and I only had thoughts about or accidentally stumbled upon recently. 
I was skeptical at first but now I believe.  It has given me hope for the future.  And made me realize that I must not take life for granted.  You were very patient and thorough.
Thank you so much for the experience and I definitely will be referring people to you! ----Julie H. 

Thank you again and again!! You were right on target with everything. ---Rhonda

 Thank you Angelia That really rings true to me thanks so much! I will use this advice in the next few years! ---Anne

Angelia's readings differ from many of the others as she always looks for the positive in the situation. She showed me where I am successful and how I can continue to grow in this area. There is no drama with her readings and I like that-------Candace